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Sarà l’Italia ad ospitare quest’anno la Conferenza SEMIC 2016 sull'interoperabilità semantica organizzata dal programma ISA2 della Commissione Europea.

La Conferenza avrà luogo il 12 maggio 2016 a Roma presso l'Hotel Sheraton Parco de' Medici.

Il tema dell'evento sarà "Data standards for interconnected Public Administrations": i partecipanti avranno la possibilità di seguire le discussioni e i panel sulle politiche e le pratiche per lo sviluppo e l'utilizzo di standard di dati e trarre insegnamento dalle esperienze provenienti da organizzazioni di standardizzazione, i governi e le istituzioni europee.

Per poter partecipare alla Conferenza, è necessario procedere alla registrazione.

Per tutte le informazioni sulla Conferenza SEMIC 2016, consultare il sito dedicato.




Data standards for interconnected Public Administrations

"Use data standards or develop our data model from scratch?" This is a common decision information architects have to take when they develop a new system.

A data standard is a specification that describes, defines and/or structures information. Data standards, such as data models and codelists, are key building blocks for information systems development. Practice is showing, however, that public administrations are often reluctant to adopt data standards that have not been developed by or for them in the first place.

In this year conference, participants will have the opportunity to follow discussions and panels on policies and practices for developing and using data standards and learn from the experience coming from standardisation organisations, governments and European institutions.

Moreover, highly reusable and horizontal data standards promoted by the ISA² Programme are currently used in operational systems, delivering a new level of interoperability and facilitating information sharing at regional, national and European level. These experiences, lessons-learnt and benefits achieved will be also discussed in the conference.

SEMIC brings together a group of 150-200 professionals every year, and constitutes the most visible and established event for public sector semantic interoperability in Europe.

So stay tuned and join SEMIC 2016 in Rome on 12 May 2016.

Visit the SEMIC 2016 page on Joinup to find the latest updates and detailed programme.

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This year SEMIC 2016 will be held together with the "DCAT-AP workshop". For more information, refer to: