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The RNDT API for the implementation of GeoDCAT-AP allows to transform metadata on data sets documented in the Catalogue, based on Italian profile, from ISO 19139 records both into DCAT-AP/DCAT-AP_IT used for data portal and into GeoDCAT-AP(_IT).

The API works with both CSW requests (GET and POST method) and REST requests and returns metadata in RDF/XML and JSON-LD formats.

Through this API, the open spatial data documented in the RNDT are also made discoverable in the national open data portal,

The API is based on the Guidelines for the implementation of GeoDCAT-AP (only in Italian) which are the national declination of the European GeoDCAT-AP specification and the guidance to make discoverable the descriptions of the open spatial data, available in the RNDT and, in general, in the spatial data catalogues, also through “general” data portals (such as, without any additional burden for public administrations.

The API source code is available for reuse in the dedicated AgID GitHub repository and reuses and extends the GeoDCAT-AP API developed by JRC.


More information on the implementation of GeoDCAT-AP in Italy:

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