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Spatial data is the knowledge base element for all the policies related to the management of the territory. The knowledge of the real world is crucial both as a tool for the development and as a support for the decisions in fields such as security policies, civil protection, spatial planning, transport, environment.

The great wealth of location information in Italy is characterized by a marked fragmentation and by evident quality and consistency issues that significantly impact on the several administrative procedures based on this data.

In order to overcome those issues, the Infrastructure for Spatial Information (INSPIRE) was established in Europe in 2007; it is also being implemented in Italy.

Moreover, in order to make the role of the public administration in this sector more incisive and to optimize the significant wealth of spatial data, Article 59 of the Digital Administration Code, in addition to the establishment of the RNDT, also regulates the adoption of the technical rules for collecting, documentation, exchange and reuse of spatial data held by public administrations.

In this context, AgID supports the Administrations and contributes to the process of defining the aforementioned technical rules, especially for the purposes of interoperability and the development of projects related to the implementation of the Digital Agenda.

With the setting up of the National Committee for Spatial and Environmental Information (CNITA), as per art. 11 of Legislative Decree 32/2010 (decree transposing the INSPIRE Directive), that process may be carried out within the technical sections identified within the scope of that Committee.

To date, the technical rules adopted with specific legal acts have been defined by the Committee for the technical rules on the spatial data of the public administrations envisaged by the aforementioned art. 59 in the version prior to the changes occurred in 2016 and 2017. Those rules are as follows:

  • the decree of the Director of the Cadastral Agency of November 13, 2007 defining the technical-economic rules for the use of cadastral data;
  • the 4 decrees of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of 10 November 2011 (published in the Official Journal No. 48 of 27 February 2012 - Ordinary Supplement No. 37) defining:
    • the adoption of the national geodetic system;
    • the definition of the technical specifications of the geotopographic databases (later updated by a specific Working Group coordinated by CISIS);
    • the definition of the technical rules of the RNDT;
    • the collecting, documentation and exchange of digital orthoimagery at a nominal scale of 1: 10,000.

In addition, the specifications on the utility netwoks and the SINFI (the national information system of the physical infrastructures) was defined by a specific Working Group after the end of the mandate of the aforementioned Committee.

In the "Technical Rules" section of this web site all the specifications adopted are available.

AgID also takes an active role in various activities related to spatial data both in Italy and in Europe.