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The area for the management of metadata (including PAs catalogs management, editor, XML files upload) is only restricted to the accredited public administrations.

To be accredited, the Administrations must first register in the IPA (Index of Public Administration), as established by paragraph 1 of the art. 19 of Annex A of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 1 April 2008, and complete the procedure for the RNDT.

The metadata is produced by the Administrations responsible for data and services, which can perform the operations of modifying, updating and deleting the metadata by XML files conforming to the XSD schemas in according to the Ministerial Decree 10 November 2011.

The Administrations that don’t manage their own catalog can use the tools available in this area.

The tools available in the area are:

•    registration and management of the PA’s catalog;
•    editor, tool for editing and updating metadata through the completion in of web forms;
•    uploading XML files.

The Agency for Digital Italy shall arrange for the validation of metadata for the publication in the RNDT. That validation is limited to check the completeness and consistency of the files uploaded by the Administrations, which remain solely responsible with regards to the published content.

Once published in the RNDT, metadata is available for discovery.

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